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''You don't win friends with Settlers...', to paraphrase the great Homer. The Settler movement in the occupied Palestine territory of the West Bank is so much more disturbing than war itself. For it seeks to torment and break down, gradually and psychologically, to subjugate and humiliate, to reinforce to Palestinians their hopelessness and human inferiority. But Palestinians rise above in these harshest of circumstances. The Palestinian prisoners of Israel are so brave and large and inspire a cosmic kind of hope. Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, is home to around 215,000 Palestinians, around 500 Zionist Settlers and 4,000 Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers. It is technically divided into H1 (under Palestinian Authority administration) and H2 (administered by 1948), but essentially all is controlled by 1948. 1948 is the name used by many Palestinians to refer to the occupied Palestine territory known as Israel. It is a kind of passive re